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Relapse Prevention

The road to recovery from a substance use disorder is an ongoing journey that requires focused attention from the very beginning of treatment and then a very active process of self-monitoring and care. This part of the recovery process is what we call Relapse Prevention. Those who participate in this group modality have been able to sustain an extended period of abstinence and sobriety as they journey along recovery road. In addition, the Relapse Prevention Group works with the participant to identify personal triggers to relapse while on recovery road and to learn effective methods of managing such triggers as they are encountered in daily life. The Relapse Prevention Group also helps the participants recognize the various biological, emotional, and social indicators of a potential relapse to substance use. Advocating good nutrition and active participation in group therapy helps reduce the stress associated with ongoing recovery. In addition, developing solid relationships with a recovering community will help defeat the isolation usually found in addicted individuals. Participants will continue to discuss relapse prevention strategies and to practice coping skills in order to help them gain control over cravings and unhealthy situations.