New Directions, Inc. of North Central Conn.
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Enfield, CT 06082
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Our Philosophy

New Directions, Inc. is dedicated to reducing the impact that substance abuse has on the North Central Connecticut Region by providing education, prevention, intervention, and treatment services.

New Directions, Inc. believes that substance abuse and dependence causes deterioration over time and if left untreated results in death. This deterioration affects the physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being of the substance abuser as well as the substance abuser’s family. New Directions, in concert with the Recovery-Oriented System of Care advocated by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in Connecticut, supports a service system that is responsive to Co-Occurring Disorders, Gender sensitive as well as trauma informed care. When necessary, clients are referred for medication management to our staff psychiatrist for evaluation and possible medication management of Co-Occurring symptoms.

Because the disease of addiction to alcohol and/or drugs affects so many aspects of a person’s life, New Directions, Inc. believes that an integrated and holistic approach is necessary to maximize the potential for a better clinical outcome within a recovery-oriented system of care. We offer a wide range of intervention and treatment services that are responsive to Co-Occurring disorders with respect to mental health and substance abuse to effectively manage the Co-Occurring illnesses and help restore the person, as well as the person’s family, to better health on all levels.

It is also the belief of New Directions, Inc. that optimal recovery from addictive disease is directly related to the amount of support and acceptance that the substance abuser has in the community. Therefore, we advocate the inclusion of 12-step programs as the basis for community support. In addition, we strive to motivate the substance abuser to value productivity through gainful employment, as well as through vocational and educational training. In addition, we include the family of the substance abuser, whenever possible and appropriate, into the treatment process.

New Directions, Inc. also holds that substance abuse can be prevented at an early age via effective education in prevention and intervention strategies.