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Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent Treatment Group – Over the years, New Directions has provided a substance abuse counselor to several school systems in the North Central Region. In that capacity, the counselor from New Directions provides confidential substance abuse counseling to referred students. Furthermore, the counselor provides valuable feedback on general developmental and behavioral health issues to respective Student Assistance Teams in the various school settings. In addition to providing such services in the school systems, New Directions maintains an Adolescent Treatment group at 113 Elm Street, Suite 204. This weekly group was established to be available for students who want to attend a more formally structured setting outside of the school system. New Directions also provides individual and family counseling for the adolescent who is experiencing problems secondary to substance abuse.

In working with adolescents, New Directions promotes a substance abuse treatment program that is grounded in issues related to developmental psychology and the impact of substance abuse on the developing adolescent. Change in anyone’s life is difficult and it is particularly difficult for adolescents who are experiencing major changes in physiology and in psychology as they encounter the developmental struggle toward adulthood. Unfortunately, substance abuse in adolescence can seriously hinder positive development which can, in turn, create some very real psychological difficulties well into adult maturation. Our goal in our Adolescent Treatment Program is to help the substance abusing adolescent move away from the destructive impact of addiction toward a more positive developmental process. Parents, schools and indeed all of us realize the turbulence inherent in adolescence and are invested in guiding our youth toward healthy adulthood by providing the best opportunities to achieve a balanced and healthy development.